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Virtual Machines

Take our promotional Prices and get a VPS Today!
Virtual Private Server Machines or (VPS) are like real Computer Machines, you can do almost everything with it
You can access your Machine using Remote Desktop, the TeamViewer or Other Remote Software of your choice!
Run a Web Server, Host Web Sites, Transfer Files, Navigate into te Internet, even run some Game Servers..etc.
Chose your Virtual Machine Plan! - Not sure yet? - click here to make a free "test drive"!

Get your own VPS Machine today!

Hosting Virtual Machines
Price to Pay:
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Chose Service Price Description
Virtual Machine * Please chose your Virtual Machine Plan!
12,00OS: Windows 2008, Ram:1GB, Monthly/Trafic: 1TB (1000GB)
19,00OS: Windows 2008, Ram:2GB, Monthly/Trafic: 1TB (1000GB)
33,00OS: Windows 2008, Ram:4GB, Monthly/Trafic: 1TB (1000GB) Extra +21GB Disk space!
64,00OS: Windows 2008, Ram:8GB, Monthly/Trafic: 2TB (2000GB) Extra +66GB Disk space and +1vCPU!
112,00OS: Windows 2008, Ram:16GB, Monthly/Trafic: 2TB (2000GB) Extra +126GB Disk space and +2vCPUs!
IP Adress * Please chose your IP Plan according with your VM choice and duration, eg:(VM=6 months IP=6months)!
7,00For more IPs, use the contact us using our support!
vCPU and Disk * Please chose your vCPU/Disk Plan according with your VM choice and duration, eg:(VM=6 months vCPU/Disk=6months)!
5,00This is you base Disk Space and vCPU! (some packs will give you more extra space and vCPUs)

Extra options - Backup
No Backup0,00You must do your own backups
3,001 Backup will be made each week
5,001 Backup will be made each day
Extra options - High Availability
No High Availability0,00No High Availability - (if the server is down, your VM will be down untill the server is up again)
5,00High Availability - (if the server goes down, your VM will be restarted on new server)
Extra options - Domain
2,00 ( It's register always for the minimum of 1 Year - (even if we chose less that 1 year)
1,00 (

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