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Sinalsoft share some of our articles, and teatch you how to work with languages.
  1. Code: These languages are useful for storing info, so the script languages use it for styling, modeling, and generatind data.
  2. Browser Script: Very usefull for rotine and generating data in real time in the user's browser.
  3. Server Script: These type work on the server, hidden from public, Powerfull generating data, depending the user's request .
  4. Development: The languages that build almost everything, including desktopand web applications.


HyperText Markup Language.


Cascading Style Sheets.


Extensible Markup Language.


Scalable Vector Graphics.


Java Script (Ecmas dialect).


J Script (Ecmas dialect+).


Visual Basic Scripting Edition.


Document Object Model.


JavaScript Query (Library).


ActionScript (Ecmas dialect).


ActiveX Data Objects.

Active Server Pages .Net framework (C#,VB,etc..).


Active Server Pages (VBscript,Jscript).


PHP Hypertext Preprocessor (Personal Home Page).


Practical Extraction and Reporting Language.


Java Server Pages


Structured Query Language.


C language.


C language with classes.


C++ (Object-oriented).


Java language.


Visual Basic.


Pascal (Blaise Pascal).



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