17 Years!

SINALSOFT stands for a small programmers organization, discussed at 2002 and later created at 2003.
Some of our projects and works became big and known in many countries.

Tired of the lack of trust from many apps which tried to obtain, steal, and sell user's information, we became dedicated to build freeware software and tools with an high level of privacy and security ( that's our goal ).
With many difficulties obtaining funds to invest in our projects we where forced to start creating also shareware and paid software.

And that's it, we still are here 17 Years (almost 18) and ready to help you solve your project problems and create new engineering and programming ideas.

You can navigate our web site to find interesting things or products and you can also read more about SINALSOFT in the following sections: SS Friends, or SS Projects .

What about the free stuff?
Don't worry, you will be able to consult our Programming Languages section, as well the articles, tools and games sections!
For every doubt, comment or idea, please use our support's page.

SINALSOFT - 2003 - 2020



Learn, train, compare Programming Languages in this free section, made shared and sponsored by SINALSOFT.
The only place where you can compare languages of the same type and learn how to build a block for another one.

Go ahead, build your world.

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