Web Apps

SS public Chat

A funny web and public chat that you can use to talk with someone without being traced.

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CSS Studio

A web App from 2012, which lets you generate some HTML + CSS, you can copy and paste the code to a text file at your computer and then save as [.htm] [all files].

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SS Search Engine

A search engine in beta version built at 2008 to replace the core of the SINAL search engine
The project was stopped at 2014 because of the comments from people linked to rival search engines saying that we were linking users to dangerous web site, wich was a lie, the choice of what to search it's from the user itself..

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SINAL Search Engine

A great search engine from 2006 with its own web crawler and data bases, created to replace the old and small P2B Search engine (2003)
The project is online but paused (lack of support and many enemies, some of them linked to rival search engines).

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