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Welcome to Sinalsoft
We are %99,99 Privacy Protectors
Thank you for taking the time reading our privacy, if you have any doubts, please contact us, using our support center.

Cookies Privacy

Has you should know, cookies are necessary for a web server to interact with web site users.
The most part of the web sites use 3 or more type of cookies

Session Cookies

This type of cookies are Friendly and necessary, so that the web server can detect if the user is no more online, and this way will automatically clean the session cookies life out of your browser .
If you close your browser and reopen, a new cookie will be created, and the other one will disappear.
Sinalsoft use Session Cookies and clean them at the End Of Session of each user

Track or "Spy" Cookies

The majority of web sites, specially CMS based Built web sites like J.o.o.m.l.a, W.o.r.d.p.r.e.s.s ...etc. use this type of cookies.
They will stay on your web browser for days, months or even years.
Organizations like Google, Yahoo, Facebook and others will create cookies on your browser with the durability up to 30+ years
They use this normally to remember website preferences when you return to them, but they can also track you and know almost all the route you made visiting other websites, this way they know what do you like and what kind of publicity ads they must show you.
Sinalsoft do not use these type of cookies on you when you visit our website.

Flash Track Cookies

These cookies are evil ( we say so ) G.o.o.g.l.e and other Organizations use the Flash technology to inject these cookies inside your system with the ".sol" extension
One way to avoid them is to disable flash on your browser when you visit these kind of "privacy invaders" websites
Sinalsoft do not use these type of cookies on you when you visit our website.

Email Privacy

When you give us you email address,  Sinalsoft will add it to our Private list and will use it only to contact you about website novelties, free tools and things related to our website and apps.
Sinalsoft will never sell, or give your email to a third part.
Sinalsoft will not make your email address public to others.
Sinalsoft will never use your email for spam.

IP & Connexion Policy

Because we work with security and need to protect us and you from Hackers, spies...etc.
We Log every user IP, Proxy, Referral, browser, and Operating System used during the visit to our website.
We use this information only for logging users and actions, like almost all web servers of the planet do.
We also use this info to block the access to dangerous users and to report them to the authorities and theirs ISP in case of Abuse or Hacking.
Sinalsoft won't sell or give this information to no one.


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