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Rights to the source code : Yes YesNoNoNo
Unique rights, this App wont be sell to no one else *** : Yes NoYesNoNo
Free version updates : No NoNoYesYes
Free assistance during warranty : Yes YesYesYesYes
Free assistance after warranty : No NoNoYesYes
Warranty in years : 1 11*U*U
May contains publicité : No NoNoNoYes
Free extra licences : Yes YesNoNoYes

Rights to the source code

Although your software keep unique conditions, preserving your ideas, we still have the right of using the full code or part of it, to develop other software that can be used for the same goal and to serve other client's needs, which can be similar to yours .

APP Unique rights

Your APP / software can be or not sell to others, depending on which pack you chose. If your pack protects your APP of being sell to others, than this will be respected, but this will not forbid us to make similar APPS which are not exactly the same as your in the following conditions: ( e.g.: design, logo, external structure, interface ) ,but can serve the needs of other clients ( except if you register a patent to protect your idea with a date before the date of the development of the new APP ).

Warranty in years

The packs with *U, have unlimited warranty during the phase of the APP development, or the APP life cycle !

Free extra licences

Exept for spetial packs, if you install the software in another computer, web site or other, you may pay a small ammount, one time for each extra licence

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