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Metatags Generator v1.2.2.0

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Ok, you have a website but not sure it is within the standards.
websites that do not meet the minimum quality are usually rejected by some search engines such as
SINAL - Search Engine and Directories, or are placed at the end of the lists.

Header of your document is very important (), there are contained information on the
type, language, category, etc. about ... Your website.
SINALSOFT wants to help you maintain a level of quality acceptable so that your website is most appreciated.

From information you include below, this tool, created by SINALSOFT, will produce the code necessary
for you to put on your website, and give you the instructions on how to do.

Click here to hide this text, so it wont disturbe your work
SS WFTCMT v1.2.2.0 (Last update 22/10/2011)

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