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Date: 2012
Platform: Windows
Type: Game
Last version:
Other versions:1.0(2012)
Protection status: 2
Development status: 5/5


A game for windows where the user must have a faster eye and click on the right moment to stop the roulette to spin .
The player can win with using several variables, like colors, numbers, quantity of roulettes in a certain position etc...
"This is not a luck game".

This game was developed and sell to our client MMD ( Topaffaires ), we cannot sell it without his permission, but we can develop a similar game ( not equal ) for anyone who would be interested.

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TopRoulette TopRoulette TopRoulette

Licences for TopRoulette:

Free use. you cannot use it for free.
To Test. you cannot test it.)
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To Buy. you cannot buy this application.
Source code. you cannot buy the source code of this application.
To Help. You cannot help us with this project because is reserved or we have enough people working on it.
Comission. You can not earn comission for this project.

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