Security - Linux - Running Processes

Usage: Linux (All that support this kind of instalation)
This article show you how to See all running Processes in the Linux Operating Systems. You will be able also, to shutdown almost every process that you see. Here is the list, and the procedures.

If you have any doubt about any of the processes you will see in the console, use our Free Processes Search Tool

. You need to use the ps command.
# ps aux | less =show all running processes
# ps -A =select All processes
# ps -e
# ps -A: =select all processes
# ps a =select all processes on a terminal, including those of other users
# ps x =select processes without controlling ttys
# ps -U root -u root -N =every process except those running as root
# ps -u paul =see process run by user paul
# top =provides a dynamic real-time view of a running system
$ pstree =shows running processes as a tree
# ps -ejH =Print a process tree using ps
# ps axjf =print a process tree using ps
# ps -eLf =get info about threads
# ps axms =get info about threads
# ps -eo euser,ruser,suser,fuser,f,comm,label =get security info
# ps axZ =get security info
# ps -eM =get security info
# top -b -n1 > /tmp/process.log =Save Process Snapshot to a file
# top -b -n1 | mail -s =email result to yourself 'Process snapshot'
$ pgrep firefox =display firefox or other process id
$ pgrep -u root sshd =list the process called sshd which is owned by root user

Linux Htop

htop is interactive process viewer just like top, but you can scroll list vertically and horizontally. (killing, renicing) can be done without entering their PIDs. To install htop type command:
# apt-get install htop
# yum install htop
Now type the htop command at the shell prompt:
# htop
atop is an interactive monitor to view the load on a Linux system. It shows the occupation of the most critical hardware resources
# atop =also shows which processes/responsible for load cpu,memory,disk and network load
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